What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Strainer Manufacturer?

When it comes to selecting a strainer manufacturer, you might be thinking, “How complicated can it be? It’s just a strainer!” Well, my friend, while strainers might seem simple, the decision of which manufacturer to go with can have a ripple effect on your operations, maintenance costs, and the quality of your end products. So, […]

Uses of sight flow indicator full view

What is a sight flow indicator full view? Sight flow indicator full view is also known as a sight glass. The innovative design of the sight flow indicator has significantly changed fluid measurement.  The operator can now view how a process fluid flows through a pipeline. Transparent sight glass is built within a protective material […]

Application of Top Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator

Top-mounted magnetic level indicators have revolutionized the way of measuring fluids. Top-mount Magnetic level indicators are liquid-level measurement instruments that are used to determine the level of fluids in tanks, vessels, or other containers. It uses a combination of buoyancy principles and magnetic technologies to produce a visual indicator of the fluid level. The indicator […]

What is a Flow Meter?

What is a Flow Meter? A flow meter can measure the mass or volume of a gas or liquid. Flow meters are referred to by different names, depending on the particular company, such as flow gauge, flow indicator, liquid meter, flow rate sensor, etc. But they all do measure flow. Rivers and streams are examples […]

How bye-pass rotameter works

What is a bye-pass rotameter? Many devices are employed in industries for the smooth operation of processes and a bypass rotameter is one such device. A bye-pass rotameter is a type of flowmeter device used to measure the flow rate of fluids, typically liquids or gasses in a system.  The construction includes an orifice plate […]

How do you choose the right acrylic body rotameter?

Understanding Acrylic Body Rotameters Acrylic body rotameters are widely used in industries such as chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, and more. They provide a simple and cost-effective solution for measuring fluid flow rates. The transparent acrylic body allows for direct visual observation of the position of a float or other indicating device, enabling accurate measurements.  […]

What are the applications of inclined tube manometers?

Inclined Tube Manometer Inclined tube manometers are devices that measure pressure by utilizing the height difference of liquid columns within an inclined tube. They consist of a transparent tube containing a liquid, which rises or falls in response to pressure changes. By measuring the displacement of the liquid, the pressure can be determined accurately. When […]

Uses of Side-Mounted Magnetic Level Switches

We’ve seen instances of oil spills and other substances overflowing and causing immense damage. Such crises can be avoided entirely by using side-mounted magnetic level switches.  A side mount magnetic switch is an ingenious design that monitors the liquid levels and sends alerts in critical situations. Side-mounted magnetic level switches are designed for horizontal placements […]

Best inofline Flame Arrestor Supplier

How to Choose the Best inofline Flame Arrestor Supplier

The importance of safety cannot be overstated in the modern industrial environment. Many industrial processes involve the handling and transportation of flammable gases and liquids. One crucial safety measure to prevent the occurrence of explosions or fires is the use of flame arrestors. These devices are designed to stop the propagation of flames and prevent […]


Level Indicators Working Principle & Applications

Level indicators are devices that aid to determine the liquid levels in different industrial applications. They are used to measure the level of liquid in drums, tanks. pressure vessels etc.. There are a variety of indicator levels to meet the requirements of various applications. Fluids are typically used in a variety of ways in commercial […]