Level Indicators

Level Indicators Working Principle & Applications

Level indicators are devices that aid to determine the liquid levels in different industrial applications. They are used to measure the level of liquid in drums, tanks. pressure vessels etc..

There are a variety of indicator levels to meet the requirements of various applications. Fluids are typically used in a variety of ways in commercial businesses. Without appropriate equipment, it could be difficult to determine the amount and quality of the fluid that is stored. Additionally, in some situations when the fluid’s nature is hazardous or the area where it is kept is of such the kind that it’s manually impossible to determine the level, the indicator for the level are of paramount importance.

In accordance with the type of application the appropriate type of indicator that is chosen should be based on the application. For instance in the field of process the tubular level indicators are utilized for more visual indication of liquid levels. If the purpose is non-contact level measurement the radar-type indicators or ultrasonic type indicators can be used.

Different types of level indicators

There are a variety of indicators for level each with their particular use.

  • Transparent level indicators are extremely beneficial in chemical industries as well as fertilisers made of petrochemicals. Since the liquid is stored at high pressure and high temperatures, a transparent indicator for level is helpful in finding the level of fluid.
  • The Reflex Level indicator is designed for applications involving high temperatures as well as high pressure and the use of highly corrosive fluids. The fluid that is colorless that is used in this device provides more clarity in the level indicators.
  • Level indicators with magnetic levels are a type of red follower which require levels that are magnetic. Cylindrical floats as well as powerful magnets are used to measure how much fluid is in the tank. The float’s movement is tracked by magnetic capsules, consequently, the level is shown. This kind of indicator has great visibility and is safe to use since it has a non-toxic metal chamber.

Other level indicators that can be used for use as a reference include tubes with level indicator, floating and level indicator on boards sight flow indicators window-style manometers, sight flow indicators as well as bi-color indicator. Certain indicators for level come with a variety of features including an integrated controller and continuous output measurement and alarm switches that can be adjusted.

Magnetic Level Gauge

It is the Magnetic Level Gauge is the device to read an indication of the level in any facility or operating condition, offering no maintenance costs, security against environmental leakage as well as a safe and hassle-free use with chemically aggressive, pollutant, poisonous or harmful and explosive optically comparable fluid interface.

Operating principle

Its operation as a magnetic level gauge is based upon the fundamental physical principles of

  • The principle by which the liquid contained in vessels that communicate remains at the identical level
  • Archimede’s theory that the body that is immersed in liquid has a buoyancy that is proportional with the mass of the liquid
  • The principal is attraction North as well as South poles for two permanent magnets, and the principle of repellence between similar poles.

The principle is applicable to two different applications for the magnet level gauge

  • First, between the magnets inside the chamber float as well as every single magnet on the scale of indicating.
  • second between the magnets on the scale of indicating


The range of applications is extremely broad and covers all instances where the fluids can be used:

  • in high pressure, at high or low temperature
  • in low-pressure, or at high or low temperature
  • chemically destructive
  • environmental pollution
  • toxic or harmful to human health
  • explosive, inflammable, or explosive
  • that have the same optical properties as that superimposed phase (interface)

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