Application of Top Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator

Top-mounted magnetic level indicators have revolutionized the way of measuring fluids. Top-mount Magnetic level indicators are liquid-level measurement instruments that are used to determine the level of fluids in tanks, vessels, or other containers. It uses a combination of buoyancy principles and magnetic technologies to produce a visual indicator of the fluid level.

The indicator is a straightforward device made up of a measurement chamber, a float with a guide rod, and a magnetic system. The primary purpose of those indicators is continuous indication, transmission, and monitoring of fluid levels.

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Working Principle of Top mounted magnetic level indicator

A top-mounted magnetic level indicator features a straightforward design that only requires one process connection. The chamber in this form has a single flange at the bottom. Inside the chamber, a rod with a magnet on top and a float at the bottom is used.

The float floats on top of the liquid in the tank. The magnet triggers flags on the level gauge that indicate the tank’s fill level.

For tanks that are frequently moved, installing a stilling well ensures that the float remains vertical and in line with the level gauge. It is also advised to use a stilling well to address issues including tank agitation, inlet proximity, and lengthy, brittle rods.

Use of TopMounted Magnetic level indicator

Top mount magnetic level indicator provides accurate and precise measurement of fluid level via a visual display. They can perform well in variations of temperature or harsh chemicals. These devices are easy to install, and cost-effective with reduced maintenance. All those factors make them in demand in various industries including water treatment plants, oil and gas industries, Energy and power plant technology, Food and Beverage industry.

Application of Top Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator


Top mount Magnetic level indicators installed on the tank’s top are commonly used to monitor and display the water level. The magnetic sensor outside the tank monitors the position of the magnet when the float with the magnet rises and falls with the water level, providing a visible indication of the water level on the indicator panel.

Top mount magnetic level indicators are used in wastewater treatment facilities to monitor water levels at different stages of the treatment process. This assists operators in maintaining enduring consistency.

Magnetic indicators can help maintain adequate water levels in tanks or ponds to promote a healthy habitat for fish in aquaculture operations.

Chemical industry

Top-mounted magnetic level indicators are commonly used to mear safety and contamination prevention, the use of a magnet ensures no contact with caustic chemicals. Top mount magnetic level indicators are unaffected by variations in temperature and pressure, making them suited for a variety of applications in the chemical industry where parameters may fluctuate dramatically.

To maintain safe operations, many chemical industry standards need an accurate and dependable level of monitoring system. Top-mounted magnetic level indicators meet these compliance requirements while also improving safety standards in chemical plants.

Petrochemical industry

The petrochemical industry requires continuous monitoring and management of multiple processes. Top-mount magnetic indicators can be linked into process control systems to offer real-time data, allowing operators to maintain ideal levels and make necessary process adjustments. Magnetic indicators use a visual display with color-coded indicators, allowing operators to check the level status from a distance. This allows operators to respond quickly to unanticipated changes in fluid levels.

Magnetic level indicators can be built with materials that are resistant to corrosive chemical conditions. This improves longevity in severe environments with corrosive substances.

Bottom line

The top-mounted magnetic level indicator is installed on the top of a tank, vessel, or other container to measure fluid levels. The gadget is simple in design having a   measurement chamber, float with a guide rod, and magnetic system. These devices can work optimally in a wide range of fluids, temperatures, and harsh chemicals. The top mounted magnetic level indicator is highly   desired in the sector due to their simple design, versatility, and outstanding performance.


What distinguishes a level gauge from a level indicator?

A level gauge is a simple glass tube that gives a visual representation of the level of liquid in a vessel.

How do you calibrate a top-mount magnetic level indicator?

To the desired O%level reference, move the float. By tapping the UP and DOWN buttons, you can access the calibration mode. Go to the Zero trim using the push button and set the output at 4.OOmA

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