What is a Metals Tube Rotameter?

Metal Tube Rotameter

Metal Tube Rotameters are variable area flowmeters for measuring volumetric flow rates of liquids and gasses. It is composed of a tapered tube, usually made of steel, and a float usually made of stainless steel or PTFE. The annular area experiences a constant differential pressure. Regarding fluid flow, the float goes up and down through the tapered tube. The instantaneous flow rate is measured by the float’s vertical position as shown by the scale.

Features of Metal Tube Rotameter 

  • Strong construction and High Visibility
  • There is a range of  metals suited for different liquids that can be used to make the measurement flow tube
  • Linear flow readings and output signals
  • A body without Threads prevents Corrosion
  • Meters can withstand pressure upto  100 kg/cm2 and temperatures 350 Deg C
  • Lowest possible pressure drop design
  • The magnetic coupling mechanism ensures that the signal transmitted is more smooth and more stable.
  • Measures accurate flow rate of a flowing fluid
  • Best suited for high-temperature and pressure applications
  • Used for the gas and liquid flow measurement in all process industries
  • Metal tube rotameters offer good performance, are user-friendly, and are simple to maintain. These rotameters are factory calibrated and a legitimate and traceable calibration certificate is included with each one.

Applications of Metal Tube Rotameter

The metal tube rotameters are appropriate for measuring the flow of liquid or gaseous products through pipelines. It typically serves as a flow measurement tool for dosing, monitoring, modifying, and controlling liquid or gaseous products. It displays the current flow rate in volume or mass per unit of time. The architecture of meters makes them perfect for procedures without challenging and unfavorable operating circumstances. Additional electrical equipment for process monitoring and control is available for devices.

Metal tube rotameters are widely used in scientific laboratories, Research centers, chemical industries, Fertilizers, power, petrochemicals, and refineries.

Fidicon Devices India Leading Manufacturer of Rotameters which are flow measuring device that works on the principle of variable area flow measurement.

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