Flame Arrestor (End of Line – Free Vent Type) (FDI-FA-706)

End Of Line Flame Arrestor (Free Vent Type)

End Of Line Flame Arrestor

An End-of-Line Flame Arrestor (Free Vent Type) is a safety device that is used to prevent the spread of flames in a pipeline carrying flammable gases or liquids. It is installed at the end of the pipeline, typically at a location where there is a potential for a release of flammable gases or liquids. The free vent type of flame arrestor operates by providing an outlet for the release of gas or vapor to the atmosphere, while also preventing the spread of any external flame that might be present. This type of flame arrestor is used to protect against the spread of fire and explosion in pipelines, and is an important component in ensuring the safe transport of flammable gases and liquids.

Specification :

Brand Fidicon Devices India
Model No : (FDI-FA-706)
Size : 1/2″ to 30″, Type : Deflagration, Detonation