Flame Arrestors

Flame Arresters Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Fidicon Devices India is a company that manufactures various types of flame arresters. Flame arrestors are safety devices that are designed to prevent the propagation of flame from one area to another. There are Many Types Of Flame Arresters, In Ofline Flame Arrestor, End Ofline Flame Arrester, Drumvent Flame Arrestor

Why use a Flame Arrester?

There is a chance of an explosion whenever air (oxygen) is combined with a flammable gas or vapour. If the flammable mixture is accidentally ignited, a flame will result and move through the unburned mixture until the reaction consumes the fuel. The combustion process raises the mixture's temperature significantly, which causes the volume of the gas mixture to quickly increase in an enclosed space like a pipe or a vessel. The resulting rise in pressure will cause turbulent effects in an enclosed space, accelerating the flame front even more.

How does a Flame Arrester work?

The combustion products are cooled at the element surface in a deflagration without a stabilised flame by heat dissipation, which stops the combustion process from continuing through the flame arrester and into the protected line. A monitoring system will detect a sudden rise in temperature if a flame stabilises on the flame arrester element, and secondary protection measures will be activated to stop the flow of the flammable mixture.

Other kinds of flame arresters include tools with a tiny aperture that make sure the gas being emitted is moving faster than it is burning, stopping the flame from spreading. A liquid barrier to the transmission of flame can also be created by bubbling the gas through a liquid, frequently water.