Gauge Hatches

Gauge Hatch Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Fidicon Devices India is a company that manufactures various types of gauge hatches. Gauge hatches are safety devices that are designed to provide safe access to tanks and vessels for manual level measurement or sampling.

Gauge Hatch are devices used in the petroleum industry to provide access to the interior of storage tanks or vessels for the purpose of measuring the level of the liquid or material inside. They are typically installed on the top of the tank or vessel and can be opened and closed as needed.

Features Of Gauge Hatches

- Allows access to storage tanks for gauging or obtaining product samples.

- The design ensures uniform seating while also allowing for easy access to gauge product sampling.

- Model 6000 is designed with a foot lever surface to prevent foot slippage when opening. It also provides pressure relief and emergency venting.

- To reduce sticking caused by resinous vapours and atmospheric moisture, fluoropolymer seating diaphragms are standard.