Breather Valves & Flame Arrestors

Breather Valves Manufacturer in India

Fidicon Devices India offers various types of breather valves and flame arrestors for different applications for allow air to flow in and out of tanks or vessels to maintain a safe pressure. including tank protection, pipeline protection, and venting. They also provide customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

How Breather Valves Work?

Fidicon devises India's methods Relief from Pressure/Vacuum Valves have pallets that are weight- or spring-loaded. The force of the spring acting on the pallet to keep the valve closed or the weight of the pallet controls the flow through the valve.

The pallet will begin to lift off the seat and allow flow through the valve once the pressure or vacuum in the tank reaches the closing force of the pallet.

Fidicon devices India valves prevent air intake and emission losses until very close to the set vacuum and pressure, respectively, thanks to their air-cushioned sealing technology. In order to maximize overall performance in terms of high flow capacity, set pressure, sealing, and re-sealing, the geometry of the valves has been developed.

The modular design of Fidicon Devices India's valves allows them to be customized to meet the needs of individual customers, whether they require pressure or vacuum protection only, or the piped away or vented to the atmosphere of vapours and gases. The pressure vent port is covered by a weather hood, and a mesh screen is installed to stop foreign objects from getting inside the valve.