Flame Arrestor (Drum Type) (FDI-FA-711)

Flame Arrestor (Drum Vent)

Drum Vent Flame Arrestor

A Drum Vent Flame Arrestor is a safety device that is used to prevent the spread of flames in tanks or vessels that contain flammable liquids. It is typically installed on the top of the tank, where it provides protection against external fires and allows for the controlled release of vapor from the tank. The drum vent flame arrestor operates by breaking up the flame front and cooling the hot gases, which prevents the flame from entering the tank, while also allowing vapor to escape through the vent in a controlled manner. This type of flame arrestor is designed to protect against the spread of fire in tanks and vessels, and to ensure the safe storage and handling of flammable liquids.

Specification :

Brand : Fidicon Devices India
Model No : (FDI-FA-711)
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Unit
Material : stainless steel with a cast alluminium, carbon steel or stainless steel casing.
Key Points : Easy to install Optimum performance Perfect finish Longer service life