Fork Type Level Switch (FDI-FLW-507)

Fork Type Level Switch

Fork Type Level Switch

A fork type level switch is a type of liquid level sensor used to monitor the level of a liquid in a tank or container. It operates by detecting the presence or absence of a conductive liquid in a fork-shaped probe that is mounted inside the tank. The probe is typically made of stainless steel or another corrosion-resistant material.

When the liquid level reaches a certain point, it makes contact with the two prongs of the fork-shaped probe, completing an electrical circuit. This triggers a switch inside the level switch, which sends a signal indicating the level of the liquid. The signal can be used to control pumps, valves, or alarms, depending on the application.

Fork type level switches are commonly used in applications where the liquid being monitored is conductive, and where a high level of accuracy is required. They are often used in chemical and pharmaceutical processing, as well as in water treatment and industrial process control systems.

Specification :

Brand : Fidicon Devices India
Model No : (FDI-FLW-507)