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Gauge Hatch

Gauge hatches are a type of access hatch or cover used to protect and provide access to instrumentation, gauges, or other equipment that needs to be monitored or maintained in various industrial or maritime applications.

Gauge hatches are typically made of materials such as stainless steel or aluminum and are designed to be weathertight and secure, protecting the gauges or instrumentation from dust, moisture, or other environmental elements. They may also feature locking mechanisms or other security features to prevent unauthorized access.

The size, shape, and configuration of gauge hatches can vary depending on the specific application and the type of gauge or instrumentation they are designed to protect. They may be round, oval, rectangular, or any other shape as required, and may feature a variety of hinge, locking, and mounting options.

There are times, in spite of the marvels of contemporary instrumentation, when you truly need to physically see or feel a process variable. You may do this thanks to a gauge hatch on the roof of the atmospheric tank.

According to API 2000, 4.4.2 ed. 2009, a gauge hatch may also serve as an emergency pressure release if the tank's internal pressure is anomalous.

Technical Specification :

  • Spark-free construction.
  • Construction that resists corrosion.
  • soft seat inserts with positive sealing.
  • For easier access, the locking component (Knob Nut) is elevated above the cover surface.
  • Tanks that can be padlocked to prevent illegal access.
  • Big, simple-to-grasp lever with a quick-release knob-nut.
  • Fast, hands-free tank access for sample and gauging is made possible by the safety foot peda
  • When the foot pedal is withdrawn, the self-aligning lid automatically shuts.
  • It is possible to weld carbon steel foundation construction to the tank roof.
  • Other connection types are available upon request; flanged per ANSI B16.5 #150 RF as Standard.

Gauge hatch Features

Size : 15NB TO 800NB (ANSI/ASA/ASME B16.5/PN/NPT)
Type : Spring Loaded, Lockable, Quick Release, Non Spark Type.
Connection : Flanged, Threaded
Model : (FDI-GH-709)
Materials : ASTM A216 GR. WCB(CS), SS 316, SS 304, SS 316TI, FORGED STEEL ASTM A105, HASTELLOY C, PTFE, RUBBER, CAF, FEP, METALLIC SPIRAL WOUND GRAPHITE, and other as per customer requirement.