Orifice Flange Assemblies (FDI-OFA-206)

Orifice Flange Assemblies

Orifice Flange Assemblies

Fidicon Devices India is a manufacturer and supplier of orifice flange assemblies, which are commonly used in the oil and gas, chemical, and petrochemical industries for the measurement of fluid flow. Orifice flange assemblies consist of a pair of flanges with an orifice plate located between them. The orifice plate has a precisely engineered hole or orifice that creates a restriction in the flow of fluid, causing a pressure drop that can be measured to determine the flow rate of the fluid.

Fidicon Devices India offers a range of orifice flange assemblies that are designed to meet a variety of flow measurement applications. These assemblies are typically made from materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel and are available in a range of sizes and pressure ratings. They may also include features such as vent holes, drain holes, and pressure taps for easier installation and maintenance.

Fidicon Devices India also offers customization services to meet specific customer requirements, such as special materials or coatings, non-standard sizes, and specific end connections. Their orifice flange assemblies are designed to meet industry standards and regulations, such as ASME B16.36 and ISO 5167, ensuring accurate and reliable flow measurement.

In addition to orifice flange assemblies, Fidicon Devices India also manufactures and supplies a range of other flow measurement products, such as flow meters, level switches switches, and flow transmitters, as well as, level gauges.

Specification :

Brand : Fidicon Devices India
Line Size : 1 /2" to 36"
Orifice Plate MOC :  SS 316 / SS 304 / Monel / HAST-C / PP / PVC / PTFE, Coated or Clad with PP / HDPE / PTFE
Flange MOC :  ASTM A1 05, ASTM A1 82 F304, ASTM A1 82 F316
Accuracy : +/- 1 %