Side Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator (FDI-SMLI-501)

Side Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator

Side Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator

A Side Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator (SMLI) is a type of liquid level gauge that is mounted on the side of a storage tank or vessel to provide a visual indication of the liquid level. It consists of a float inside the tank which moves up and down with the liquid level, and a magnetic board outside the tank which indicates the position of the float. The board is typically equipped with markings to show the liquid level at various points. The SMLI is commonly used in industries such as chemical, petroleum, and water treatment to monitor the liquid level in storage tanks and vessels. It is a cost-effective, simple and reliable solution for measuring liquid levels.

Product Details :

Mounting Orientation Side
Measuring Range 0 to 5 m
Material Stainless Steel
Glass Material Borosilicate
Application Chemical Industries
Process Connection Flanged
Scale Material Aluminum
Pressure Rating 40 kg / cm2


Material of wetted part C.S./S.S..304/S.S.316 PP/PVC/Teflon
Material of float C.S./S.S..304/S.S.316/PP/PVC/
Teflon lined
Range 0-5 meters
Pressure rating 40kg/cm2
Scale M/C engraved on back elite anodized aluminuim sheet
graduated in cm.
Side Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator Features Low & High
Level Alarms
Digital Indicator