Vortex Flow meter (FDI-VF-216)

Vortex Flow Meter Supplier Manufacturer, Gujarat, India

Vortex Flow Meter

Vortex Flow Meter

Being a quality conscious entity, we are committed in providing the best quality Vortex Flow Meter. It measures both conducting and non-conducting liquids as well as all industrial gases such as saturated steam and superheated steam, compressed air and nitrogen, liquefied gas and flue gas.

This particular kind of volumetric flow metre called a  vortex flow metre   makes use of a phenomena that happens naturally when liquid flows around a bluff object. According to the vortex shedding principle, vortices (or eddies) are alternately shed downstream of the object, which is how vortex flow metres work.

Being a quality-conscious company, we are dedicated to offering  Vortex Flow Meters  of the highest calibre. It monitors both conducting and non-conducting liquids in addition to all industrial gases, including liquefied gas, flue gas, compressed air, nitrogen, saturated steam, and superheated steam.

Like orifice metres,  vortex metres  are true volume flow metres. As the flow is increased, these intrusive metres, like orifice metres, will cause the pressure to drop, resulting in a long-term loss. As a result, liquids close to boiling point may cause cavitation when the pressure across the metre falls below the liquid's vapour pressure.

Vortex Flow Meter Advantages
  • Vapor, gas, and steam can all be measured with vortex metres.
  • lower wear (relative to turbine flow meters)
  • comparatively inexpensive installation and maintenance costs
  • sensitivity to changes in process conditions is low
  • long-term consistency, repeatability, and accuracy
  • suited for a variety of process temperatures
  • in a wide range of pipe sizes available
Vortex Flow Meter Applications

However, clean, low-viscosity, medium to high speed fluids perform best with vortex flow meters. They are suitable for a variety of applications and industries.

  • Transfer of natural gas metering custody
  • measurement of steam
  • liquid suspensions flowing
  • water applications generally
  • Pharmaceuticals and liquid chemicals
Product Details
Measurable Fluid : Liquid, Gas, Saturated Steam, Superheated Steam (Avoid multiphase flow and sticky or corrosive fluids)
Applicable Fluid Temperature Range : 196 to 450 °C depends on the shedder bar type and material
Wafer : 15 to 100 mm
General Type : 15 to 400 mm
Reduced Bore Type ( 1 size reduction) : 25 to 200 mm
High Pressure Reduced Bore Type ( 1 size reduction) : 25 to 150 mm
Dual-Sensor Type : 15 to 200 mm
Accuracy liquid : ± 0.75 % of reading
Accuracy Gas and Steam : ± 1 % of reading