Top Mounted Magnetic Level Switch(FDI-TMLW-505)

Top Mounted Magnetic Level Switch

Top Mounted Magnetic Level Switch

A top mounted magnetic level switch is a type of liquid level sensor used to monitor the level of a liquid in a tank or container. It operates by detecting the presence or absence of a magnetic float inside the tank, which rises and falls with the liquid level. The switch is mounted on top of the tank and connected to the float through a cable or rod.

When the liquid level reaches a certain point, the magnetic float actuates a reed switch inside the switch, which sends a signal indicating the level of the liquid. This signal can be used to control pumps, valves, or alarms, depending on the application. Top mounted magnetic level switches are commonly used in water treatment plants, oil and gas storage tanks, and industrial process control systems.

Specification :

Brand : Fidicon Devices India
Size : 25NB TO 150NB (ANSI/ASA/ASME B16.5/PN/NPT)
Connection : Threaded, Flanged
Wetted Parts : SS 304/S.S.316/PP/PVC
Casing Weather proof/Flame proof